Sol Calero’s work revolves around the notions of ancestry, culture, and the transformation of meaning that visual symbols can undergo in society.

Implementing a wide range of media into her practice, Calero not only utilises traditional methods of art-making such as painting and drawing, but also experiments with found objects, fabric works, and site-based practices. She is interested in reflecting on the ambiguity of cultural signs, and how meanings can proliferate and change. Her work is concerned with the connotations that icons acquire in a political and societal context, and how this can affect themes of gender and identity.

Calero’s artistic creations are vibrant and tactile. Although at first impression they can appear bright and playful, they simultaneously broach serious political themes. This is illustrated in her vivid canvases of fruit. Intrinsically connected to Carmen Miranda, the popular Brazilian dancer and film star, these paintings are used to demonstrate how visual symbols can undermine the immediate aesthetic pleasure that is felt when first viewing the image. Through an appropriation of Latin American culture in the mid-twentieth century, the USA attempted to create an idealistic and utopian image of the countries therein that was connotative of an exotic paradise. This was done in part to reap the economic benefit from a proposed pan-American alliance. Calero’s practice scrutinises this marginalisation.

Sol Calero
Sol Calero
Caracas, 1982

Current Exhibitions

Sol Calero: El Autobús

Tate Liverpool

13 Jun — 10 Nov
Sol Calero (born in Caracas, Venezuela, 1982) employs a wide range of media in her practice such as found objects, fabric, painting and drawing. Tate Liverpool presents a new, large-scale commission by Calero...

Past Exhibitions

Sol Calero: Sensory Spaces 15

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen 13/10/2018 — 13/01/2019

Sol Calero: Tente en el aire

Kunsthalle Lissabon 15/05/2018 — 25/08/2018

Sol Calero: Solo Pintura

Laura Bartlett 23/09/2016 — 13/11/2016

Courtesy of SALTS

12/12/2015 — 29/01/2016

Sol Calero: La Escuela del Sur

Studio Voltaire
09/10/2015 — 06/12/2015

Solo Shows


Desde el Jardín, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow International
Statements, Art Basel, with Laura Bartlett Gallery
Solo exhibition, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London
Solo exhibition, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria

La Escuela del Sur, solo exhibition, Studio Voltaire, London
Oficina del Ciudadano, solo exhibition, Galerie Wedding, Berlin
Womens Art Society II, curated by Adam Carr, Mostyn, Wales
Salon of Hybrid Things, group show, KW Projects, Berlin

Salsa, solo exhibition at Gillmeier Rech, Berlin
Ciber Café, solo exhibition, Frieze, London
XVII Salón Banesco Jóvenes Con FIA, group exhibition, Caracas
Caribbean Style, solo exhibition, Museo Apparente, Napoli
BORDERS, group exhibition curated by Adam Carr, Artuner
Accordion, group exhibition at Laura Bartlett Gallery, London
Bienvenidos a Nuevo Estilo, solo exhibition, Laura Bartlett
10 Northington Street, London

Group Shows

Group Show, Other Projects, Berlin

Small Rome, Frutta Gallery, Rome, Italy
Borders, Artuner, Online show
Accordion, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London, England

Women’s Art Society, Mostyn, Wales
The Phylogenesis of Generosity, Prizessinnengarten Outdoor Sculpture Triennial, Berlin, Germany

The Rescue of the Effects, curated by Lorenzo Sandoval, General Public, Berlin.


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City of birth: Caracas Country of birth: Venezuela Date of birth: 1982 Lives in: Berlin, Germany
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