Blindspot Gallery

Founded in 2010 in Hong Kong by Mimi Chun

Founded in 2010 the gallery mainly focuses on contemporary photography but also features diverse media in contemporary art. Blindspot represents both established and emerging artists, mainly from the region but also beyond.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

mon, sun

T: +852 2517 6238
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15/F, Po Chai Industrial Building, 28 Wong Chuk Hang Road

Past Exhibitions
Ken Kitano: Now, Here, and Beyond
“Here, Now and Beyond” is a solo exhibition of Japanese artist Ken Kitano. “Here, Now and Beyond”...
19 Sep 2015 - 14 Nov 2015
South Ho Siu Nam: good day good night
The solo exhibition of South Ho Siu Nam showcases Ho’s photographic and video works revolving around...
19 Sep 2015 - 14 Nov 2015
Museum of the Lost
The exhibition presents the collaborative works of Hong Kong artists Leung Chi Wo and Sara Wong, featuring...
07 Mar 2015 - 02 May 2015
The Human Body: Measure and Norms
Blindspot Gallery presents “The Human Body: Measure and Norms”, an exhibition featuring the works...
05 Dec 2015 - 06 Feb 2016
Cédric Maridet: Fragments of Future Histories
“Fragments of Future Histories” is a collection of videos, objects, installations, photographs...
05 Mar 2016 - 23 Apr 2016
A Permanent Instant: Instant Photography from 1980s-2000s by Hong Kong Artists
Blindspot Gallery presents “Permanent Instant: Instant Photography from 1980s-2000s by Hong Kong Artists”,...
05 Mar 2016 - 23 Apr 2016
Shikijo: Eroticism in Japanese Photography
The exhibition Shikijo: Eroticism in Japanese Photography features the photography works by 13 Japanese...
07 May 2016 - 25 Jun 2016
Eason Tsang Ka Wai: Powerless
Blindspot Gallery is pleased to present “Powerless”, the first solo exhibition of Hong Kong artist...
09 Jul 2016 - 27 Aug 2016
Leung Chi Wo: Press the Button
Blindspot Gallery will host the book launch cum exhibition of Hong Kong artist Leung Chi Wo’s art book,...
27 Aug 2016 - 10 Sep 2016
Trevor Yeung: The Sunset of Last Summer
Blindspot Gallery presents the latest solo exhibition “The Sunset of Last Summer” of Hong Kong artist...
24 Sep 2016 - 19 Nov 2016
The show is an experiment by artists Trevor Yeung and South Ho Siu Nam: the 3-week project/exhibition...
03 Dec 2016 - 24 Dec 2016
After Party: Collective Dance and Individual Gymnastics
Blindspot Gallery showcases “After Party: Collective Dance and Individual Gymnastics” a group...
14 Jan 2017 - 04 Mar 2017
Jiang Pengyi: Away from Disgrace
Blindspot Gallery announces the fourth solo exhibition made by Jiang Pengyi and entitled “Away...
18 Mar 2017 - 06 May 2017
Angela Su: The Afterlife of Rosy Leavers
For her first solo show at Blindspot Gallery, Angela Su is showcasing her video, drawings and sketches...
20 May 2017 - 08 Jul 2017
Jiang Zhi: Going and Coming
The show is the artist’s reflection on his personal situation and the cyclicality of life. The two...
27 Mar 2018 - 12 May 2018
Tung Pang: Saan Dung Gei
Blindspot Gallery presents the solo show of  Lam Tung Pang “Saan Dung Gei” (Mountain Hole...
26 Mar 2019 - 11 May 2019