Francesca Pia

Galerie Francesca Pia was founded in 1990 in Bern.

After 16 years in Bern, Francesca Pia moved in 2007 to a larger space in Zürich in the Löwenbräu district. Known for the discovery and promotion of emerging artists, the gallery, in 2012, extended and relocated to the former spaces of Daros Latinamerica.

The Special Opening hours during Art Basel 2019,
8, 9 June (Sat, Sun) 10h – 18h

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri 11:00 am – 6:00 pm; sat 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

sun, mon

T: +41 44 271 24 44
W: Website

Limmatstrasse 268

Past Exhibitions
Dull and Bathos
Galerie Francesca Pia is pleased to present Dull and Bathos, an exhibition of new work by Jay Chung and...
27 Aug 2015 - 26 Sep 2015
Emil Klein at Francesca Pia Gallery
Galerie Francesca Pia presents the second solo show by Emil Klein at the gallery. The show consists of...
10 Oct 2015 - 14 Nov 2015
Philippe Decrauzat
If D’Arcy Thompson was convinced that the principle of recurrence links very different subjects, in...
21 Nov 2015 - 30 Jan 2016
Joseph Grigely: Even If You Can’t Hear
Galerie Francesca Pia presents ‘Even if You Can’t Hear,’ Joseph Grigely’s first solo...
29 Jan 2016 - 12 Mar 2016
Rochelle Feinstein: Solo Show
Galerie Francesca Pia presents Rochelle Feinstein’s first solo gallery exhibition in Europe. In over...
09 Jun 2016 - 19 Aug 2016
Heike-Karin Föll: News
Galerie Francesca Pia presents “News” a solo show of the artist Heike-Karin Foell.  The...
09 Sep 2016 - 08 Oct 2016
Müller Kaspar Solo Show
Francesca Pia Galerie  is presenting the  second solo show of  Kaspar Müller . Dozens of bicycles...
14 Oct 2016 - 03 Dec 2016
Stefan Tcherepnin: Stefan “Jackson” Tcherepnin 2014-17: The Missing Years
Francesca Pia presents “Stefan “Jackson” Tcherepnin 2014-17: The Missing Years”,...
10 Dec 2017 - 28 Jan 2017
Hans-Peter Feldmann / Elad Lassry
The gallery presents a show uniting the work by German artist Feldmann and American artist Lassry into...
03 Jun 2017 - 19 Aug 2017
Wade Guyton: Fire and Fury
Francesca Pia presents a new series of paintings by American artist Wade Guyton (b. 1972). Over the...
25 May 2018 - 21 Jul 2018
Josef Strau
Josef Strau describes his work as an ongoing story and as such much of his work is text-based and printed...
08 Jun 2019 - 20 Jul 2019