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With its diverse collection ranging from classical Chinese and Indian materials to modern and contemporary Southeast Asian art, the NUS Museum today remains an integral part of the National University of Singapore (NUS).

50 Kent Ridge Crescent, National University of Singapore

NUS Museum‘s mission is to actively facilitate the intellectual and cultural life of the NUS community. Focusing primarily but not exclusively on Southeast Asian art and culture, the Museum contributes to and facilitates the production, reception, and preservation of knowledge through collections development and curatorial practice, developing partnerships within NUS, the cultural and heritage industry, and the global knowledge community.

The roots of NUS Museum can be traced to the establishment in 1955 of the University of Malaya Art Museum at the then University of Malaya located in Singapore. Under the direction of Michael Sullivan, the museum’s first curator from 1954 to 1960, the collection was instrumental in the teaching and study of Art History at the university. Established before Singapore’s independence, the University Art Museum may be regarded as a prototypical museum institution, its historical trajectory and collection reflecting the search for a Malayan identity situated within the context of Southeast Asia, China and India.

The museum has over 7000 artefacts and artworks divided across four collections: The Lee Kong Chian Collection consists of a wide representation of Chinese materials from ancient to contemporary art; the South and Southeast Asian Collection holds a range of works from Indian classical sculptures to modern pieces; and the Ng Eng Teng Collection is a donation from the late Singapore sculptor and Cultural Medallion recipient of over 1,000 artworks. A fourth collection, the Straits Chinese Collection, is located at NUS’ Baba House at 157 Neil Road.


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50 Kent Ridge Crescent, National University of Singapore

Past Exhibitions
Sculpting Life: The Ng Eng Teng Collection
Presented as an open storage and second in a series of permanent exhibitions on artist Ng Eng Teng, Sculpting...
01 Aug 2015 - 29 Nov 2015
National University of Singapore
There are too many episodes of people coming here…
An exhibition about exhibitions, it brings together a group of artworks, artefacts and documentations...
30 Apr 2015 - 29 Nov 2015
National University of Singapore
The Library of Pulau Saigon
The Library of Pulau Saigon presents new works by artist Debbie Ding created in response to the state...
27 Mar 2015 - 14 Feb 2016
National University of Singapore
Vietnam 1954 – 1975: War drawings and Posters from the ambassador Dato’ N. Parameswaran collection
Vietnam 1954 – 1975 features the collection of Dato’ N Parameswaran, Malaysia’s ambassador to Vietnam...
26 Jun 2015 - 30 Apr 2016
National University of Singapore
Sheltered: Documents for Home
This exhibition emerges from the participating alumni’s responses to the architectural essay film 03-FLATS...
11 Sep 2015 - 27 Mar 2016
National University of Singapore
Double Vision
“Double Vision” is a selection of video works and experimental films that are inspired by...
09 Jun 2016 - 05 Nov 2016
National University of Singapore