Atelier Mondial

An international grant programme addressed to artists from the Basel Region, Southern Baden and Alsace

Freilager-Platz 10, 4053 Münchenstein, Basel, Switzerland

Atelier Mondial is an international exchange programme that offers artists from various fields in the Basel region, South Baden (D) and Alsace (F) the opportunity to spend several months working in one of around 10 partner countries. In return, Atelier Mondial receives around 20 guest artists from these partner countries each year in its 7 residential studios on the Dreispitzareal. The aim of Atelier Mondial is to promote dialogue and understanding between people through exchange in various artistic fields. Atelier Mondial is a racism-sensitive organisation and open to diversity of all kinds (LGTBIQ+, Race, Gender, Age, Origin, Religion, … etc.).

In its 140 m/2 showroom “Salon Mondial” the programme regularly hosts exhibitions and organises
events with international guests as well as with artists from the region.


Contacts & Details



T: +41 61 226 33 11
W: Atelier Mondial

Freilager-Platz 10, 4053 Münchenstein, Basel, Switzerland

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