Spazio Sale

Via 47 Reggimento Fanteria 21, Lecce, Italy

Spazio Sale is a multifunctional centre for the development and promotion of contemporary arts, a cultural project produced and curated by the contemporary art gallery AA29 art project. The venue is an early 20th-century building, located in the centre of Lecce.

Spazio Sale takes root in its host territory, Salento, to flourish and extend its branches both nationally and internationally. It is a fluid place of research and action, participation and innovation, open to artist residencies, installations and site-specific exhibitions, sound experimentation, workshops and independent publications; designed to create connections and foster the development of relationships between artists, curators, critics, philosophers, collectors, art lovers, visitors, tourists, students and the curious, who together will nourish the soul of the project.

The name derives from the symbolic meaning of salt: fidelity, wisdom, friendship and an enduring and incorruptible alliance. In various traditions, it was customary to bring salt to a new house as a good omen. Salt is the element that provides life with flavour, which purifies and preserves from corruption.

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Tue – Sat 10am – 12.30pm, 5.30pm – 8.30pm

Sun by appointment

W: Spazio Sale

Via 47 Reggimento Fanteria 21, Lecce, Italy
Past Exhibitions
Il rumore dell’alba
Spazio Sale with AA29 art project present the inaugural group exhbition in Lecce.
28 May 2023 - 03 Sep 2023
Spazio Sale
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