Doing Time, 13 May 2017 — 26 Nov 2017
Collateral Events

Doing Time

Palazzo delle Prigioni, Castello, 4209 (San Marco, Ponte della Paglia)

Taiwan is represented at the 57th Venice Biennale with the Collateral Event by the performance artist Tehching Hsieh, seen as an influential figure in the history of conceptual and performance art.

To renew his work, the Taiwan born artist recently staged, at the limits of human endurance, the series “One Year Performances” which explores self-discipline, physical and psychological control, notions of freedom, visibility and the nature of human relations.

Doing Time, curated by British art critic and writer Adrian Heathfield, collects for the first time several year-long works, also un-exhibited ones, displaying the aesthetic of his huge efforts. The title refers in fact to his long term investment projects.

On show also his most famous Time Clock Piece, in which the artist punched in to a worker’s time clock on the hour every hour for an entire year, and Outdoor Piece that consists in a year spent outside, on the street of Manhattan like an homeless, exhibiting a series of materials gathered during this experience, especially photos and the maps of his wanderings.

Promoted by Taipei Fine Arts Museum of Taiwan (TFAM)

Also open on May 15, Aug 14, Sep 4, Oct 30, Nov 20, 2017

Guided Tours: Twice a day

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Palazzo delle Prigioni, Castello, 4209 (San Marco, Ponte della Paglia)
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