Special Events @ Intersections Gallery, 25 Feb 2016 — 05 Mar 2016

Special Events @ Intersections Gallery

Intersection Art Gallery, 34 Kandahar St,

“In Great Tenderness I Ignore”

by Zoncy, Myanmar

Zoncy was born in 1987 in Thenasserim, a region located in the most Southern part of Myanmar. Many ethnic minorities live in Thenasserim and Zoncy whose father is Karen is very much aware of the ethnic and religious problems, which plague her country.

Zoncy has a Bachelor in computer sciences form Yangon University. she studied watercolor and drawing under New New Yiand was intimated to contemporary art at New Zero Art Space, Yangon.

First presented in Singapore at Art Stage 2016, Unknown Women 04 Siege Unit, which encompasses six photocollages,  will be showcased again on the evening of the performance.
The Unknown Women series started in 2009 with a performance and continues with various mediums.This series denounces violence and abuses against women and illustrates the commitment and efforts of women in favor of social change in Myanmar.
Although part of the Unknown Women series, this new performance is mainly inspired by the personal experience and  emotions of the artist.

Music & Speed Drawing 
by Vincent Cateigne & Joy

Plumbum is a poetic encounter between drawings, words and music.
Join us and discover new songs and new drawings!
Event for kids from 7 to 77 years old.
Drinks will be served after the performance.

INFO & RSVP: rsvp@intersections.com.sg
Ph. Marie-Pierre Mol: +65 9798 5611
Ph. louise Martin: + 65 9128 5260

Contacts & Details
wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm

mon, tue

T: +65 9798 5611
M: art@intersections.com.sg

Intersection Art Gallery, 34 Kandahar St,

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