Vittore Carpaccio: Dipinti e Disegni
Vittore Carpaccio, the man who painted the glory of the city of Venice
01 Jul 2021 - 31 Oct 2021
Palazzo Ducale
Regionale 21
Over the years, the annual exhibition of the Basel artists “Regionale” has established itself...
28 Nov 2020 - 03 Jan 2021
Kunst Raum Riehen
Chiara Fumai: Poems I will Never Release
Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève presents the first retrospective of Chiara Fumai’s oeuvre, three years after the artist’s untimely passing,
04 Nov 2020 - 03 Jan 2021
Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève
Camp Solong Retrospective
The first overview exhibition of the gesamtkunstwerk Camp Solong
01 Nov 2020 - 01 Jan 2021
Chen Zhen: Short Circuits
Pirelli HangarBicocca presents Short-circuits a Chen Zhen retrospective curated by Vicente Todolí.
15 Oct 2020 - 21 Feb 2021
Ragnar Kjartansson: The Sky in a Room
At the church of San Carlo al Lazzaretto in Milan professional singers are to take turns to perform an ethereal arrangement of Il cielo in una stanza, the famous song by Gino Paoli, originally released in 1960. The piece will be repeated, uninterruptedly, for six hours a day, every day.
22 Sep 2020 - 25 Oct 2020
Fondazione Nicola Trussardi
Alfredo Aceto, Simone Holliger, Raphael Linsi, Marie Matusz
Four contemporary artists in a major group show
19 Sep 2020 - 08 Nov 2020
Kunst Raum Riehen
Game of Goose
A group exhibition which invites the viewer to interact with it
17 Sep 2020 - 30 Oct 2020
Le monument, le labeur et l’hippocampe
Group exhibition featuring seven international artists
17 Sep 2020 - 15 Nov 2020
La Kunsthalle Mulhouse
Le Soin des Possibles
Group exhibition inspired by Belgian philosopher Isabelle Stengers’ interview "Le Soin des Possibles" by Erik Bordeleau
14 Sep 2020 - 12 Oct 2020
Oriental Grand Tour
A selection of 19th-century photographies witnessing the increasing taste for cultural tourism in the Middle East
13 Sep 2020 - 13 Dec 2020
Antikenmuseum Basel
Sharif Waked: Halftones
The artist's first solo show in Switzerland
11 Sep 2020 - 15 Nov 2020
Kunsthaus Baselland
Thu Van Tran: Novel Without a Title
The first major solo exhibition in Switzerland of the Vietnamese artist Thu Van Tran
11 Sep 2020 - 15 Nov 2020
Kunsthaus Baselland
BASEL 2050
A coproduction with the Bureau for Urban Development and Architecture of the Canton Basel-City Construction and Transport Department.
11 Sep 2020 - 27 Sep 2020
S AM Swiss Architecture Museum
Andrea Bocca: Ukiyo
FuturDome presents "Ukiyo", Andrea Bocca's first solo exhibition in Milan inspired by Hiroshige
09 Sep 2020 - 15 Dec 2020
FOS: Small White Man
The Danish artist Thomas Poulsen, also known as FOS, presents a double performance at FuturDome, Milan in the framework of the project Small White Man.
09 Sep 2020 - 15 Dec 2020
Lea Porsager: Horny Vacuum. Pulsations and Appetites
FuturDome, in a huge location in Milan, introduce the first monographic exhibition in Italy of the Danish artist Lea Porsager
09 Sep 2020 - 15 Dec 2020
Jean Dubuffet, a barbarian in Europe
The exhibition pays Dubuffet a homage and focuses on the artist's visit to post-war Switzerland
08 Sep 2020 - 28 Feb 2021
Jacopo Benassi: Vuoto
The first monographic museum exhibition by the photographer from La Spezia
08 Sep 2020 - 01 Nov 2020
Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci
Venezia e lo Studio Glass Americano
The exhibition presented at "Le Stanze del Vetro" highlights the diversity of the art and design's landscape in American contemporary glass
06 Sep 2020 - 10 Jan 2021
Le Stanze del Vetro
Michelangelo Penso: Frequencies
The third solo exhibition by the artist with the gallery
05 Sep 2020 - 17 Oct 2020
Galerie Alberta Pane, Paris
Isa Genzken: Works 1973–1983
The exhibition turns the spotlight on the outstanding creative practice that Isa Genzken devised in the first decade of her career
05 Sep 2020 - 01 Jan 2021
Kunstmuseum Basel | Gegenwart
Taro Izumi: ex
Taro Izumi manipulates opposites using absurdity, chance, accidents and humour as constitutive elements of his work
02 Sep 2020 - 15 Nov 2020
Museum Tinguely
Fabrizio Plessi: l’Età dell’Oro
Ca' Pesaro presents Fabrizio Plessi's historical installations and new site-specific works.
01 Sep 2020 - 15 Nov 2020
Ca’ Pesaro