Beatriz Santiago Muñoz: Gosila, 10 Nov 2018 — 25 Nov 2018

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz: Gosila

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz‘ last film, titled “Gosila”, was shot by the artist during the violent storm which hit the island of Puerto Rico, in 2017. On that occasion, Puerto Ricans found themselves to face one of the major natural disasters they had ever experienced and its tragic consequences. “Gosila” observes the events through the elements of nature, as usual in Muñoz’ film works. Her videos are the result of long periods of observation and documentation, combining aesthetic values and social messages. The camera becomes artist’s vehicle to investigate social structures, individuals or events, which she transforms into performance and moving image, such in this case in which the storm become the metaphor of colonialist power. Muñoz’ recent video production is concerned with post-military land, the sensorial unconscious of the anti-colonial movement and feminist speculative fictions.

Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday 14:00 – 18:00
and by appointment at


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