Julieta Aranda: The Organ, 18 Nov 2016 — 16 Dec 2016

Julieta Aranda: The Organ

“The Organ”, is developed by New York- and Berlin-based Mexican artist Julieta Aranda. Aranda develops a sculpture using multiple analog and digital technologies in order to create an exhibition that produces a dialogue between different forms of sculpture today. But even more importantly, it is a way to unify knowledges between past and current ways of working matter. More than a single piece, the presentation is conceived as an installation where materials and images create an environment to consider how aesthetic experience is giving ground to a bigger and more expanded notion of perception. Using film as well as natural and constructed objects, Julieta Aranda reflects on how science is discovering how the brain works and how our different organs intercommunicate. This new knowledge of our organs is also contributing to a more empathetic understanding of how others, like animals, feel and perceive. We have witnessed the rise of discourses on the human and non-human dialogue. At the same time, research into new materials and the discovery of new uses of known materials has marked our understanding of technology.

In her work conceived for der TANK, Aranda has produced an installation that operates like a new “organ,” or in other words, like a new theater to make us understand the future of sculpture and perception, and the relation that art establishes with questions and debates that populate our everyday life.

Aranda’s The Organ is made possible by the first collaboration between the Art Institute and artEDU Foundation.

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