Peter Klein: Blumen blühen, wo bist du?, 10 Jun 2022 — 19 Jun 2022

Peter Klein: Blumen blühen, wo bist du?

"Blumen blühen, wo bist du?" constitutes Peter Klein’s first institutional exhibition in Switzerland and one of his first shows in many years.

der TANK, Campus der Künste, Freilager-Platz, Basel

Peter Klein’s artistic language is simple. His work shows a strong believe in form and composition and the two main tools to structure an image. Pigment, then, reinforces the message that we normally project on to the canvas. Color means mood. Form means structure. A structure that refers to the self, to the possibility of standing, to the question of being taken care, being hosted. Home may be a flower and the house may be a burden. Inverted forms, inverted proportions refer to the need of revisiting all the categories and notions of belonging that, over centuries, have been imposed into us. Us as individuals and us as communities that share certain believes that hold us together. What if all we believe disappears? We know this is the reality of many millions of individuals that see how their homes vanished but also experience the difficulties of being taking into another community’s dreams.

Contacts & Details
Sat, Sun 2pm – 6pm
During Art Basel:
Wed – Sun 2pm – 7pm
and by appointment
Mon – Fri
T: +41 61 228 4077

der TANK, Campus der Künste, Freilager-Platz, Basel

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