Eyes in the Sky, 29 May 2021 — 31 Aug 2021

Eyes in the Sky

Galleria Continua, Via del Castello 11, San Gimignano, Italy

The exhibition is a curatorial project by Luigi Fassi and Alberto Salvadori that brings together works by Leila Alaoui, Kader Attia, Alejandro Campins, Jonathas De Andrade, Shilpa Gupta, Aziz Hazara, Jorge Macchi, Ahmed Mater, Susana Pilar, José Antonio Suárez Londoño and Nari Ward.

Curators’ extract: “Like a puzzle, their works on display form a larger image that can put us in a position to focus on our often deceptively approximate idea of what is apparently inexplicable, elusive and distant.
In “Eyes in the Sky”, the artists’ work acts on memory in order to safeguard it and help it to define itself, creating images and records. Their task is to prevent our memory from reproducing events in a distorted way, creating false memories and alienating ordeals that repress a living reality that’s made up of real and authentic images and experiences. How do you save your life from the disasters that are looming over it?”.

Contacts & Details
Mon – Sun 10am – 1pm, 2pm – 7pm, or by appointment
T: +39 0577 943134
M: sangimignano@galleriacontinua.com

Galleria Continua, Via del Castello 11, San Gimignano, Italy

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