Zemanna – Replaying the 90s, 17 Jan 2022 — 13 Jun 2022

Zemanna – Replaying the 90s

The 1990’s in the United Arab Emirates was a pivotal decade.

The development experienced was in reflection of various influences anchoring the 1990’s as a time of foundational building in the expectation of the then present and future growth. The impact of technology, globalisation and migration immediately became present as key forces in this narrative thus impacting change on the social and cultural fabric and furthering the framework of modern heritage and architecture.

Zemanna is a visual exploration of reinterepreted memories from the 1990’s- dissecting, reflecting, and responding to a time of change, flux, and expansion. In this exhibition, artists were commissioned to present nine interactive installations that address the remnants of the 1990s and how they have contributed to tihs present time. Throught these installations, the exhibition reflects the vibrancy and density of this time, showcasing the surfacing of a community undergoing rapid transformation. This multiroom experience highlights key characteristics of that time such as the Volcano Fountain, the re-rooting of migrating familities into the UAE, and the role of pop culture, media, and play. What led to the 1990’s and what did the 1990’s lead to?

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