Martin Creed, 05 Dec 2015 — 06 Feb 2016

Martin Creed

Base / Progetti per l’arte, Via San Niccolò 18r


Martin Creed‘s site specific project for BASE/Progetti per l’arte is made of different artworks that make the visitors perceive the physical space expanded, compressed, dilated and full, all at the same time.

The works are distributed in the two spaces , from left to right , as to ” delimit ” in order to highlight , but also to rarefy, the physical boundaries of the architectural box in which they are placed.

The geometric and abstract shapes, just like the environment or installations are, for Martin Creed, not the aim but the medium used to create a dialogue with the context.


Contacts & Details
mon, sun


Base / Progetti per l’arte, Via San Niccolò 18r
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