Chi Wing Lo: Jianlong 1055, 18 Dec 2015 — 12 Jan 2016

Chi Wing Lo: Jianlong 1055

Jianlong 1055 – Solo Exhibition of Chi Wing Lo at Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery presents nine sets of ink stone sculptures and give the Hong Kong audience a chance to experience the artist’s sensibility, attention to detail, continued dedication to re-discovering and rejuvenating materials and techniques from the past, and to appreciate his talented skills in space and artistic vision for shifting between sculpture and architecture. Through this set of sculptures, he wishes to share the united wisdom and sensibility of past and present, and a beauty that is timeless, simple and essential.

Chi Wing Lo traces back to the Jianlong Era to explore and re-examine the famed ink stones of the period.

Lo has created forty-two stone objects, comprised of ink stones and other scholarly objects, which become components used to create a larger series of sculptures. Contemporary in style, Lo uses simple indentations and clean lines to create subtle compartments within each stone. The objects, square or round in shape, lie between the known and unknown, real and imaginary, familiar and enigmatic, seeming to recall traditional scholarly objects such as water droppers, incense burners, brush cleaning trays and paper weights. These objects combine together to form a set of various sculptures. Looking like miniature labyrinths, these amazing sculptures become much more than mere decorative objects. The treasures from the by-gone world of the ancient literati are thrust into the realm of contemporary architecture, opening up unprecedented possibilities.

Lo’s vision about architecture and spatial composition is infinitely reflected in these sculptures: just how he would put the ink stones together, the precise space by which he would set them apart, the balanced tension we could feel between one form and the others, the intriguing endless variations developed simply from his tectonic circles and squares, his lyrical rhythms of solid and void… all these convey an enigma that leads us to interpret and reinterpret his pieces again and again, every time bringing us pleasure and revelation by participating in his infinite creative discoveries and permutations.



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