Racing the Galaxy, 03 Jul 2019 — 30 Aug 2019

Racing the Galaxy

Palace of Independence, 52, Tauelsizdik avenue

Gathering works by 20 artists from 15 countries, “Racing the Galaxy” deals with the gradual dissolution of dichotomies between East and West, in the era of global communication and the confrontation and melting of cultures, referencing the idea that artistic forms travel, mingle and enrich each other, from one continent to another.

Appeared in the 13th century, the word “Kazakh” means a free individual who had left his people for freedom, which carries the spirit of nomadism shared by the artists presented at the exhibition.

The exhibition is on view at the two venues below,
Palace of Peace and Reconciliation (Pyramid):
57, Tauelsizdik avenue, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Palace of Independence:
52, Tauelsizdik avenue, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Contacts & Details

T: +33 645 01 88 03

Palace of Independence, 52, Tauelsizdik avenue
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