Felipe Baeza, 15 Nov 2018 — 06 Jan 2019

Felipe Baeza

Maureen Paley, 21 Herald Street

The first solo exhibition in the UK of artist Felipe Baeza features works which explore topics such as migration, queerness and anthropology. Baeza works primarily on paper supports, using both collage and printmaking: the fragmentation intrinsic to these techniques mirrors situations in which is the human body to be fragmented or pulled apart, to be reconstructed after that.

All Baeza’s works are inspired by sources focused on concepts of regeneration, such as Maya mythology and contemporary literary texts by Edwidge Danticat and Gloria Anzaldua, but they also refer to his personal life experience.  According to the artist’s words, his goal is to translate visually, stories and concepts that have been rendered invisible and have disappeared, such as the ones concerning people who have disappeared and the ways to honour them.


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Maureen Paley, 21 Herald Street