Gillian Carnegie: 8 paintings, 18 May 2017 — 24 Jun 2017

Gillian Carnegie: 8 paintings

Cabinet London, 132 Tyers St, London SE11 5HS, UK

The artist works within the traditional genres of landscape, still life, the nude and portraiture.

While Gillian Carnegie is an artist of great accomplishment, at the core of her work is a desire to constantly push the limits of her own skill. She handles paint with confidence and daring, yet never wants a painting to come too easily. These paintings carry with them something of the aura of the studio, and the intense but quiet drama of their making: the physical wrestling with the messy matter of paint as well as the intellectual tussle that directs it. Carnegie is set apart from her peers not only by her ability, but by the rigor with which she wields it.


Contacts & Details
Thu – Sat 12 pm – 6 pm
Mon, Tue, Sun
T: +44 (0)207 820 0277

Cabinet London, 132 Tyers St, London SE11 5HS, UK

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