David Lynch: Naming, 23 Nov 2013 — 04 Jan 2014

David Lynch: Naming

Kayne Griffin Corcoran, 1201 South La Brea Avenue

Kayne Griffin Corcoran presents a solo exhibition of work by David Lynch. 

The exhibition and its accompanying catalog, David Lynch Naming, curated by Brett Littman, Executive Director of The Drawing Center in New York, traces how Lynch uses “naming” in film, photography, drawings, watercolors, painting and prints from 1968 to the present. The complex relationship between objects and their names has been a point of departure in his work since The Alphabet, the second short film he made when he was student at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in 1968.For Lynch, the act of naming something is never simple. The drawing of an “ant” and the written word “ant” are never co-equal or necessarily descriptive in Lynch’s universe. His images and text “vibrate” against each other in unusual ways to create new meanings and a deeper understanding of how language operates in an attempt to expose the deeper structure of reality. 

In addition to this thematic selection, a group of new paintings, drawings, and watercolors will also be on view. Within these works Lynch functions as an omnipresent narrator who candidly describes his representation of objects and figures in situations that are simultaneously commonplace yet unexpected.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

mon, sun

T: +1 310 586 6886
M: info@kaynegriffincorcoran.com

Kayne Griffin Corcoran, 1201 South La Brea Avenue
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