Ser Sensible / Being sensitive, 26 Nov 2016 — 28 Feb 2017

Ser Sensible / Being sensitive

“Being Sensitive” is a project organized by Néstor Quiñones which consists of an exhibition and a meeting, which are intended to be the result of a collective diagnosis about a contemporary sensitivity around the various opportunities and cultural problems of Mexico City.

What is the use of ‘being sensitive’ as a cultural agent? Is it perhaps just a conduit for creativity? The theoretical foundations of the project seek to distance themselves from the worn-out idea of the ‘sensitive artist who creates’ and, in turn, approach the multiple ways in which sensitivity moves to the next levels.

The project responds to the need for a council and a meeting between cultural agents, starting with the questioning of practices that are diluted before the systemic inertia of local and global movements, and the absence of memory where finally art becomes a Exhaust valve driven by impotence and indifference.

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