Cornelius Tulloch: Poetics of Place, 05 Dec 2023 — 10 Feb 2023

Cornelius Tulloch: Poetics of Place

Locust Projects, 3852 North Miami Avenue

Locust Projects presents Poetics of Place, an architectural installation that creates a communal space for cultural exchange, storytelling, and creative expression. Set in the ruins of a Miami Home’s porch space, this installation shadows the dystopian future we face due to current climate gentrification in our city. We must ask ourselves, what happens to the cultures we don’t preserve? Will their memories and presence drift away with the rising tides of new development? What happens to these people and this place? These are the questions Poetics of Place presents us as an immersive site specific installation composed of projection, video, and architectural interventions. This space serves as the memory of Miami’s past, present, and future as a cultural stage for what must be protected and preserved.

As both an Artist and Architect, Tulloch’s work is shifting the narrative of cultural identities’ importance within the built environment by exploring how space shapes cultural identity and how cultural identity cultivates landscapes. In this architectural installation, he works to bring visibility to many underrepresented stories and lived experiences of communities just blocks away from Locust Projects. Tulloch aims to use his creative voice to amplify the many unheard voices within Miami’s Black communities.

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T: +1 305 576 8570

Locust Projects, 3852 North Miami Avenue

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