Simón Vega: Sub-tropical Social Sculpture, 15 Nov 2014 — 31 Jan 2015

Simón Vega: Sub-tropical Social Sculpture

Locust Projects, 3852 North Miami Avenue

Simon Vega (b. 1972, El Salvador) creates drawings, ephemeral sculptures and installations inspired by the informal, self-made architecture found in marginal zones and shantytowns.

A style that is also embraced throughout other sectors of society, such as in the nomadic carts of street vendors and through the broader “architecture of necessity” that is common throughout developing nations. His work incorporates both digital and analog printmaking and is an extension of the artist’s ongoing interest in the varied effects of American political and military influence in Central America, specifically in his native country of El Salvador.

The Simón Vega‘s project room intervention at Locust Projects consists of a short series of happenings using basic, simple wood structures devised for social interaction. Drawing from Joseph Beuys’s Social Sculpture concept but with a sub-tropical, Miami twist, the happenings highlight elements essential to but seldom brought forth in the production of art, such as friendship, humor, collaboration, generosity, improvisation and the temporary nature of relationships.

These happenings are inspired in social, fun, side-tracked and non-commercial events that organically happen in the city of Miami, such as BBQs, bonfires, etc. Two of these happenings, a Bonfire Construction event in Little Haiti on the 4th of July and a Smoothie Station challenge at the Fountainhead Residency were already carried out.

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tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

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T: +1 305 576 8570

Locust Projects, 3852 North Miami Avenue