Karim Noureldin: Tekati, 07 Mar 2018 — 28 Apr 2018

Karim Noureldin: Tekati

Ribot, Via Enrico Nöe, 23, 20133, Milan, Italy

Ribot Gallery in Milan presents the first solo show in Italy by the artist Karim Noureldin (Zurich, 1967, lives and works in Lausanne). The show implements the artists multidisciplinary approach by displaying his site specific wallpainting, textiles and works on paper.

He investigates the architecture and geometry of the space in which he is working and uses this to complement images and objects. His work references Mondrian, De Stij and Bauhaus as well as minimalism. Through the use of abstract forms, colours and objects Noureldin achieves a playful form of rationalism.

Ribot Gallery had commissioned the artist to produce a limited edition of large lithographs for the occasion of Tekati.



Contacts & Details
Tue – Fri 3pm – 7:30pm
Sat 11:30am – 6:30pm
T: +39 347 050 9323
M: info@ribotgallery.com

Ribot, Via Enrico Nöe, 23, 20133, Milan, Italy

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