Louise Nevelson: Out of Order, 25 Mar 2022 — 29 Jul 2022

Louise Nevelson: Out of Order

Gió Marconi presents "Out of Order": a major exhibition dedicated to the collages of Louise Nevelson and the new publication, published by Fondazione Marconi / Mousse Publishing, on the work of the American sculptor.

Giò Marconi, Via Tadino 20, 20124, Milan, Italy

The exhibition in Milan brings together a wide selection of collages that the artist, drawing on the Cubist lessons learned during her travels in Europe, has been making since the 1950s, combining wooden and paper supports.

Louise Nevelson‘s legacy in the fields of sculpture and collage making has long been associated with her ability to transform the traditional environment of the home from a symbol of female sensibility, domestication and the intimate sphere to a monumental expression of creative freedom. To achieve this goal, Nevelson experimented with a new ecological approach to artistic creation: every element of the house was recycled in the form of sculpture.

The artistic process ended with the obsessive creation of the most precious tools of thought – collages – using an extraordinary range of materials from her own home and studio.

Contacts & Details
Mon – Fri 11am – 7pm
Sat – Mon
T: +39 02 29 404 373
M: info@giomarconi.com

Giò Marconi, Via Tadino 20, 20124, Milan, Italy

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