The History of Annunciata 1942 • 2020, 07 Sep 2021 — 08 Oct 2021

The History of Annunciata 1942 • 2020

Montrasio Arte, Via di Porta Tenaglia 1, 20121, Milan, Italy

In a competitive environment such as that of art galleries, it seemed like the right time to activate a collaboration, celebrating the historic Milanese gallery dell’Annunciata active since 1942. If the co-working model can be the future for many industries, why couldn’t it be for the art world as well as Bruno Grossetti (Annunciata) and Ruggero Montrasio (Montrasio Arte) decided to start this experiment.

Through some of the artists represented by Grossetti an historic itinerary unfolds to illustrates the history of the Milanese gallery in dialogue with some of the Masters proposed by Montrasio Arte (founded in Monza in 1939 and based in Milan since 1999). A masterpiece by Mario Nigro (Vibrazioni Simultanee tempera su carta intelata 198×135 cm) dialogues with a majestic spatial ceramic by Lucio Fontana (Concetto spaziale 1956 ceramica policroma 36×83 cm), and again a solid work by Nino Carrino is put in atemporal relation with a bronze by Arturo Martini; Carmen Gloria Morales and Regina Bracchi confirm the attention to female art.In the Project Room of the gallery are presented the latest researches of Gian Luca Bianco, Antonio Ottomanelli, Giuditta Vendrame and Nicole Weniger.

Contacts & Details
Tue – Fri 11am – 6pm
Sat – Mon
T: +39 02 878448

Montrasio Arte, Via di Porta Tenaglia 1, 20121, Milan, Italy

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