Stage, 04 Dec 2015 — 13 Dec 2015


Mobile M+: Live Art presents artists exploring aspects of ‘liveness’ and the body and action as the mediums and channels of expression. These stage performances push the boundaries of context and genre and explore the overlap of art forms.

The Malady of Death: Écrire et Lire by Haegue Yang; a staged reading in Cantonese of the novella La maladie de la mort, written by French novelist and playwright Marguerite Duras (1914–1996), and an artist book featuring the first-ever traditional Chinese translation of the text. Novelist Hon Lai-chu and academic and filmmaker Yau Ching will recite the text on separate occasions.

Middle Aged Artist by Hu Xiangqian, acclaimed for delivering performances with a distinctly personal, sometimes absurd, yet oft-times amusing edge, Hu’s contributions to Mobile M+: Live Art include a performative monologue and the screening of his multi-layered collaboration Reconstructing Michelangelo (2015) wherein Hu spent months imparting knowledge and advice to his assistant about how to think, act, walk, and talk like a contemporary performance artist.

Configurations by Patty Chang her groundbreaking performances from the late 1990s diverge from other endurance-oriented actions in part due to her unique attention to the technologies that preserve the work. Her live performances make explicit use of the recorded image and consider the perspective and presence of a viewer. In addition to her video works, Mobile M+: Live Art will debut her new lecture performance Configurations in Connecting Space, North Point.

Looking at the Stars by Ming Wong, the latest chapter in Wong’s ongoing research into the realms of Cantonese opera and science fiction, Looking at the Stars explores the meeting of cinema, theatre, gender representation, and the intricate dance between language and translation, drawing inspiration from Tarkovsky’s Solaris (1972) to tell a new kind of story.

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