Jitish Kallat: Here After Here, 15 Jan 2017 — 31 Mar 2017

Jitish Kallat: Here After Here

National Gallery of Modern Art – NGMA, Jaipur House, India Gate

The National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi hosts across its 2 venues – the ornate Jaipur House, originally built as the residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur in 1936, and the museum’s new wing constructed in 2009 – a major solo show with almost 150 works by Jitish Kallat curated by Catherine David, from mid January, 2017.

“Here After Here” presents Kallas’s vast production of the past 2 decades, spanning from painting, photography, drawing and video installations.
Talking about this major exhibition the artists states: “When the National Gallery of Modern Art invited me to have this large, expansive exhibition, it felt like one would need to shift the direction of one’s gaze. As an artist, one travels from work to work, navigating between varied stimuli, ideas and inspirations. One doesn’t spend as much time looking back. However the last several months were spent going through old archives, art-works, etc. as two monographs were also being published. I’ve really enjoyed working with Catherine David; we met at various points during the year, whenever our travel itineraries overlapped. She spent a week at NGMA in Delhi and in my studio when we arrived at the broad structure of the exhibition which is non-chronological and connections are drawn across works from various phases”.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 11:00 am – 6:30 pm


T: +91 011 2338 6111 / 2338 5378
M: ngma.delhi@gmail.com

National Gallery of Modern Art – NGMA, Jaipur House, India Gate

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