Eric N. Mack: Lemme Walk Across the Room, 11 Jan 2019 — 07 Jul 2019

Eric N. Mack: Lemme Walk Across the Room

On the occasion of the first New York City solo exhibition dedicated to the emerging artist Eric N. Mack, the Brooklyn Museum ‘s Great Hall is transformed by his site-specific installation “Lemme walk across the room”, consisting of new and preexisting textile works, which are set up in order to dialogue with the architecture of the space and actively engage visitors of the museum.
Mack’s practice blurs the borders between different artistic media, mixing elements from painting, sculpture and even fashion. His pieces reinterpret the fundamental characteristics of abstractionism, such as colour, form and gesture, by using nontraditional materials like multi-textured and hand-stained textiles, pegboard, photographs, and images clipped from magazines. Mack’s works aim to reflect the dynamism of everyday experience, directly involving viewers who experience his installations by moving through their elements.


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