Eric N. Mack

Born in Columbia, 1987 and lives in New York, NY

Eric N. Mack (b. 1987, Columbia, MD) creates works from a dynamic combination of used textiles, worn clothes, moving blankets and torn rags, alongside photographs and pull outs from books and magazines, extend and transform the notion of painting. His use of colour, form and material as elements in a compositional lexicon as well as the stained or dyed fabrics which are his principal medium, declare the origin of his practice in the investigation of painting in an expanded field, while the way his compositions occupy and transform space are evidence of their sculptural nature. They are both paintings and sculptures – fully engaging with both disciplines. Recomposed with oil and acrylic paint, fabrics are hung using ropes and rods so that each architectural composition expands into the viewer’s space. In this way, Mack interrogates the very nature of painting, opening up a dialogue that explores the performative qualities inherent to his process, and how it both conflicts with and enhances the notion of painting as essentially still.

The group show brings together artists from different generations, whose works examine the idea of a...
19 May 2017 - 13 Aug 2017
Kunsthalle Basel
Eric N. Mack: Lemme Walk Across the Room
On the occasion of the first New York City solo exhibition dedicated to the emerging artist Eric N. Mack,...
11 Jan 2019 - 07 Jul 2019
New York
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