The Shadow, 05 Mar 2020 — 03 May 2020

The Shadow

An exhibition on the chaotic order of harmonizing dissonance

Totah, 183 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002, USA

“The Shadow” is a group exhibition of 16 artists featuring works that examine the latent correspondence and divagation that run through an artist’s work. The exhibition includes two works from each, and individually places them with completely disparate work by another artist.
The artistic path in the museum follows no order, and viewers will therefore be put to the test to determine which artwork belongs to which artist. Viewers could be somewhat familiar with the works of the artists on view, but in any case they’ll be surprised to discover how readily their works flow into what might seem to be an irreconcilable aesthetic.
The concept of the whole exhibition follows Carl Jung’ theory of a shadow self: a part of our psyche that we distance ourselves from and project onto others. This exhibition gets inside the viewer’s head and communicates the possibility that there may be a hidden world looming just below the threshold of awareness. What emerges into light is the sheer multiplicity of ways that artists can express their identity, investigating the limits of consciousness and personality.

Contacts & Details

Wed – Sun 11am – 6pm

Mon – Tue

T: +212 582 6111

Totah, 183 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002, USA
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