Lorenzo Vitturi: Natural man-made, Oyinbo, and moving beats, 24 Feb 2018 — 24 Mar 2018

Lorenzo Vitturi: Natural man-made, Oyinbo, and moving beats

T293, Via Ripense 6

On the occasion of his solo show at t293, the artist is presenting the project he developed during his residency in Lagos in 2015, which culminated in his latest project ‘Money Must Be Made’ (2017).
Invited by the African Artists Foundation, the artist couldn’t help but exploring the Balogun Market – a huge and sprawling street market – focusing on one portion in particular: the one adjacent to the Financial Trust House, a 27-storey building now completely abandoned and once home to multinational corporations which over time had to relocate due to the inexorable development of the street market in the neighborhood. On one side is the overwhelming chaos of the market, with its noisy streets and packed stalls set up with extraordinary creativity and wit; on the other side, the silent abandoned interiors of the Financial Trust House, dystopian version of a future hyper–capitalist scenario in which logos and big brands now lie powerless under a thick layer of Saharan sand.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm

sun, mon, sat

T: +39 06 89825614
M: info@t293.it

T293, Via Ripense 6

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