Marcelo Moscheta: Sete Quedas, 22 Mar 2016 — 16 Apr 2016

Marcelo Moscheta: Sete Quedas

Galeria Vermelho, Rua Minas Gerais 350, Higienopolis

Marcelo Moscheta’s first solo show at Galeria Vermelho discusses the clashing of nature versus human intervention.

In the show entitled “Sete Quedas” (Seven Falls), Marcelo Moscheta problematizes questions linked to man’s passage through different landscapes of the globe and the interferences he has made, such as constructions, alterations in the topography, and the systematization of the terrestrial globe.
The installation that lends its title to the exhibition occupies the gallery’s main room and consists of a five-meter-high scaffold together with seven drawings done in graphite on PVC. The images represent seven waterfalls which, for reasons linked to the spirit of human progress, were expunged from the natural landscape by works of engineering. The title and drawings make reference to the history of the Seven-Falls Cataract, or the Guaíra Cataract, which on October 13, 1982, had its 19 waterfalls (which were divided into seven groups) flooded over by the construction of the Itaipú hydroelectric plant. Held as the largest system of waterfalls in the world in volume of water and considered one of the planet’s greatest natural spectacles, the Seven-Falls Cataract disappeared from the landscape in the name of “progress.” The local community, however, was cut in half, since it had depended intrinsically on the tourism generated by the waterfalls.

The oeuvre of the artist will be presented by some of the most important art works, which relate to the ideas and questions of the conceptual base of Sete Quedas.

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T: +55 11 3138 1520

Galeria Vermelho, Rua Minas Gerais 350, Higienopolis

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