Marcelo Moscheta

Born in São José do Rio Preto, 1976 and lives in Campinas, Brazil

The common thread running through Moscheta’s work is a great fascination for nature, together with his willingness to travel and experience the landscape. This experience of traveling and living in difficult environments stimulated his interest in depicting the memory of a place in his works, developing a classification procedure like that of an archaeologist questioning the boundaries of territory, geography and physics through art.
Since the begining of his artistic career in 2000 he has created works and exhibitions arising out of journeys to remote places, where he collects objects from nature and reproduces them through drawing and photography, creating installations and objects. Recently, his interest is aimed to research borders and imposed limits to territories and also the relation betweens rivers and the ladscape that follows their course.
In 2015 the artist delevops the Project Arrasto (Dragging) in which he drives through all the extension of the Tietê River and collects minerals at the river banks. Also, he researches ancestral memories at the River Trebbia, in Italy and at the Canadian/U.S. border. In 2014 Moscheta participates as resident artist in the Biennials of Vancouver and Montevideo, working on an expedition all over the Uruguay River.
The artist is represented by Galeria Vermelho and Galleria Riccardo Crespi.

Marcelo Moscheta: Sete Quedas
Marcelo Moscheta’s first solo show at Galeria Vermelho discusses the clashing of nature versus human...
22 Mar 2016 - 16 Apr 2016
Galeria Vermelho
São Paulo
Riccardo Crespi Gallery presents “Anthropocene”, a group exhibition that, starting from a...
24 Nov 2016 - 21 Jan 2017
Vermelho Gallery presents “Coletiva [Collective]”, a group show in which each area of the...
26 Nov 2016 - 21 Jan 2017
Galeria Vermelho
São Paulo
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