Spirit Your Mind, 01 Dec 2015 — 06 Dec 2015

Spirit Your Mind

The Free Spirits Bar, 100 21st St.

Proposed at the Free Spirits, mythical bar, typical of Miami’s atmosphere with its wooden bar, televisions, regular customers and its contemporary art’s aficionados, the exhibition Spirit Your Mind offers an experience to live. Because, when one’s comes into the bar, one might notice nothing, and the screens are still broadcasting animated images. Except that when one looks closer, it’s not only the news or the sport matchs that are playing on televisions, but artists’ videos. In turns, mesmerizing or new age, documentaries or inspired by the spirit of television, digital animations or poetical reveries, create a subtle evolution in the feeling within the bar. The decoration in itself seems to be swaying and to swept up the spectator…

The exhibition holds in 2 Chapters:

Hypnotic Chapter
Matthias Bitzer
Samuel Boutruche
Jesper Just
Ange Leccia
Gonzalo Lebrija
Angelica Mesiti
Laure Prouvost
Florian and Michael Quistrebert
Rafaël Rozendaal

Media Chapter
Christian Jankowski
Oliver Laric
Jillian Mayer
Jim Shaw
Chloe Wise

Contacts & Details

The Free Spirits Bar, 100 21st St.
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