Oliver Laric

Born in Innsbruck, 1981 and lives in Berlin

Oliver Laric, portrait. Credits Sebastian Kim.
Oliver Laric, portrait. Credits Sebastian Kim.

Oliver Laric is an internet-based artist, born in 1981, in Innsbruck, Austria. He studied at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, where he graduated in 2007.

Laric’s web-based artistic practice or net art is characterised by the manipulation and reinterpretation of existing cultural images. His work blurs boundaries between the authentic and the inauthentic, the original and its subsequent reflections and reconfigurations. He operates in a simulacral space where concepts of authorship, truth, presence, original and copy are shown to be obsolete, or at least irrelevant. This process is intimately tied to his intuitive, idiosyncratic brand of scholarship, which he presents through an ongoing series of fugue-like expository videos and further elaborates through his appropriated object works, videos, and sculptures, all of which are densely conceptually layered and often make use of recondite, technologically sophisticated methods of fabrication. Straddling the liminal spaces between the past and the present, the authentic and the inauthentic, the original and its subsequent reflections and reconfigurations, Laric’s work collapses categories and erase borders in a manner that calls into question their very existence.

He has participated in many group exhibitions as well as in numerous solo exhibitions worldwide.

Laric is a co-founder of that he founded together with a group of friends in 2006. VVORK is an art blog acting as an exhibition space and, occasionally, a curatorial platform that organizes events in brick-and-mortar venues.

He currently lives and works in Berlin.

Oliver Laric: Betweenness
Oliver Laric's first solo exhibition in the Netherlands features an ever-changing animation on organic life and metamorphosis.
02 Oct 2021 - 09 Jan 2022
Stedelijk Museum
Art in the Age of Anxiety
Curated by Omar Kholeif, this is the most ambitious exhibition to date in the region exploring art in the age of the internet. The exhibition takes place in Gallery 1,2 and 3.
21 Mar 2020 - 21 Jun 2020
Sharjah Art Foundation
Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi
Spirit Your Mind
Proposed at the Free Spirits, mythical bar, typical of Miami’s atmosphere with its wooden bar, televisions,...
01 Dec 2015 - 06 Dec 2015
The Free Spirits Bar
An Image
Miami is a place where past, present, and future have been rendered by the proliferation of images. Here,...
15 Sep 2016 - 18 Dec 2016
Oolite Arts
Galpão Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel  presents “Hallstatt”, a group exhibition in...
10 Dec 2016 - 24 Feb 2016
São Paulo
Strange Days: Memories of the Future
Strange Days: Memories of the Future reunites works by twenty-one renown artists and filmmakers who have...
02 Oct 2018 - 09 Dec 2018
180 The Strand
Performing Society: The Violence of Gender
The group show “The Violence of Gender” features works that contest the symbolic castration...
16 Feb 2019 - 28 Apr 2019
Tai Kwun
Hong Kong
Body Splits
SALTS presents a group show Body Splits celebrating its 10 Years. The exhibition explores the representation...
14 Jun 2019 - 24 Aug 2019
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