De Rerum Natura, 19 Apr 2022 — 24 Apr 2022

De Rerum Natura

Calle Seconda de la Fava 2168

De Rerum Natura” curated by Mara Sartore is named after the poem by the Latin author Lucretius (1st century BC). Divided into six books, the masterpiece details the views on human life by Greek philosopher Epicurus, whose atomistic doctrine comes into play not only as a mere explanation of cosmic existence, but also of human destiny, psychology and freedom to think and act.


Today, Lucretius’ words can be made contemporary once again and implemented as critical input to reflect on the complexities of our contemporary times which are often beyond our grasp. The recent pandemic, the climate crisis and global security issues generate a peculiar intertwining of nuances that appear to destine us to an apocalyptic future, looming over us without any soteriological message. However, it is exactly in view of this very inability to create a shared perception, and in view of this teleological void, that a new perception is born: deprived of what Lucretius defines as “fama deum” (fairy tales of the Gods), accompanied by the fear that makes us slaves “quippe ita formido mortali continent omis” (certainly fear determines the slavery of us all); we are left with the contemplative experience “without any divine intervention”. Hence, we can find a creative path to (re)consider us as individuals who are all related: not as living atoms without any connection and assigned to the Logos of a divine principle ruling over everything, but as people communicating with people and with the complex reality of the world.


The dialogue between mankind and nature, the origin of the universe, the meaning of life, the link with stars and planets, the inner soul alongside death, love, dreams and passions: at the core of the critical quest this event is about bringing these themes together – presenting work by nine international artists with different creative stances: Marie Denis, Elham M. Aghili, Ignazio Mortellaro, Giovanni Ozzola, Matilde Sambo, Francesco Simeti, Oxana Tregubova, Lucia Veronesi, Lorenzo Vitturi.


The “De Rerum Natura” exhibition curated by Mara Sartore is organised in collaboration with the following galleries: aA29 Project Room, Milan / Caserta; Alberta Pane, Paris / Venice; Francesca Minini, Milan; Francesco Pantaleone, Palermo / Milan; Galleria Continua, San Gimignano / Beijing / Le Moulin / La Havana / Rome / Paris; T293, Rome.

Contacts & Details

Navy Officer’s Club, Calle Seconda de la Fava 2168

Tue – Sat 9am – 9pm, Sun 10am – 6pm
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Calle Seconda de la Fava 2168
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