Federica Marangoni: The Leading Thread, 06 May 2015 — 13 Sep 2015

Federica Marangoni: The Leading Thread

Ca’ Pesaro, Santa Croce 2076, Venice, Italy

A thread of light, the “leading thread” in cracked red neon always in motion, is the thread of the artist’s life and emotions.

A red rivulet of energy and blood sharply divides the white façade of Ca’ Pesaro, from the roof almost down to the water of the Grand Canal, where it encounters a technological Venus, a gigantic spool made from a slender and ephemeral plate of glass on whose axis it winds.

In the museum, two “rooms” on the ground floor are connected and marked by this red thread which becomes a rivulet of blood running through a mass of barbed wire. This is a strong, spectacular exhibition/installation, especially in the evening: the “common thread” of life leads from the façade on the museum into Ca’ Pesaro, in which the “drama of humanity” unfolds.

The words “Is not a good day to be a human” appear behind a beggar and the mass of barbed wire, while disturbing images of printing machines and magazines move across at the rate of a heartbeat. These are typical signs of Federica Marangoni‘s work, which speaks of the individual’s freedom and the chaos in which humanity struggles.

Contacts & Details
Fri – Sun 11am – 5pm
T: +39 041 524 0695
M: capesaro@fmcvenezia.it

Ca’ Pesaro, Santa Croce 2076, Venice, Italy

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