Omaggio a Umberto Moggioli (1886 – 1919), 11 Sep 2020 — 08 Dec 2020

Omaggio a Umberto Moggioli (1886 – 1919)

The exhibition pays a tribute to a prominent personality in innovating Venetian artistic landscape

Ca’ Pesaro, Santa Croce 2076, Venice, Italy

Ca’ Pesaro presents the exhibition “Omaggio a Umberto Moggioli (1886 – 1919)” (“Tribute to Umberto Moggioli”) to honour the Trentino artist Umberto Moggioli, who found his true source of inspiration in Venice and the lagoon. The exhibition retraces the most significant period in the artist’s research, through a selection of twenty artworks, including oil paintings, drawings, and etchings, rarely shown before and on loan from public and private collections.

Moggioli developed his landscape painting alongside Gino Rossi, Pio Semeghini and Tullio Garbari. On the one hand, he rediscovered the atmospheres of Divisionism; on the other, explored opulent stylistic elements from masters like Gino Rossi.

The exhibition aims to rediscover Moggioli by focusing on his plein air portraits: a completely fresh approach that offers a contemporary reinterpretation of his works 100 years from the 1919 exhibition held at Ca’ Pesaro a few months after his untimely death.

Contacts & Details
OPENING TIMES (from September 11, 2020):
Fri – Sun 11am – 5pm
T: +39 041 524 0695

Ca’ Pesaro, Santa Croce 2076, Venice, Italy

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