Art Basel 2017: NOW I WON, 13 Jun 2017 — 18 Jun 2017

Art Basel 2017: NOW I WON

Messeplatz, Messeplatz

NOW I WON is a monumental installation by Claudia Comte curated by Chus Martínez placed in Messeplatz and operating as a fully-functioning funfair during Art Basel.

The outdoor installation challenges the fair’s visitors to various games such as darts, mini golf, bowling, arm wrestling and more. Another part of the installation is made of a large-scale sculpture by Comte spelling out the palindrome title of the work NOW I WON, overlooking the funfair. 

Activities include:
– Slurp ‘Em Up: At this booth participants take part in a number of drinking games
– Swing it Through: A mini golf course that has to be completed with a limited number of swings
– Hit The Middle: A darts stand with paintings by Comte for targets
– Dance Or Die: Participants face a competitive dance-off
– Knock ‘M’ Out: At this ball toss stand participants aim at a row of sculptures made by Comte
– Drop ‘Em All: The bowling alley will also feature Comte’s sculptures instead of
traditional pins
– Bend Or Break: Competitive arm wrestling

Contacts & Details

Messeplatz, Messeplatz
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