An interview with Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile

by Jessica Stella
November 15, 2021
Jessica Stella
Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile

Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile is a leading patron of the arts, mathematician, economist, and investor. He is widely regarded as a key architect of the digital art ecosystem, and his collection “RF Collection” is recognized worldwide as the premiere digital art collection. We have asked him about his relationship with Miami and what it means to work in the art field in the Magic City. We also asked to recommend what to visit and where to go for leisure.

Explore the city with Pablo.

Miami is at the nexus of the Americas. So much moves through this city – people, new ideas, cultural exchange, and innovation. It is the “capital” of Latin America and quickly becoming the cultural melting pot of the US. Working in Miami is energizing and inspiring; the city allows artists and collectors to find new ways of interacting with each other and new models of support for the arts. Patronage and mentorship for artists feel possible here. That is why I decided to launch Aorist, a new digital institution offering a sustainable NFT marketplace, in Miami. The city represents the perfect incubator to instigate the production of new work and ideas from innovative creative voices that are pushing the limits of contemporary practice. 

For the past several years, I have been actively involved in the blockchain space as an early adopter, investor, and advisor. As a collector, I have been particularly focused on digital artists and their contributions, which stimulate all of our senses by integrating and infiltrating our everyday technology and making it new, exciting, and engaging again. I challenge them to push their work far beyond the traditional practices, bringing together art, technology, innovation, science, design, fashion, music, and film. They inspire us, as collectors, to think and engage with the world in new ways. Our collection is not focused on a particular theme, but rather interested in the ultimate expression and execution, combined with innovation and novelty. Supporting artists even outside the direct creative process, fostering them in this ever-evolving digital world, and promoting them to new audiences is fundamental to what I do.

Commissioned and produced by Aorist – Rendering of The Smell of Pink by Andrés Reisinger, 2021. Courtesy of Artist

The new SuperBlue is a great experience of hybridity between art and technology that really provides context for artists to explore new mediums alongside more traditional media. I would also invite visitors to explore the Nina Johnson Gallery and the Rubell Museum with outstanding programming especially during Miami Art Week.

Miami is undergoing a huge renovation of new incredible venues to consider. For the food lovers like myself, there is a wide array of selections, with some of my favorite restaurants including Stubborn Seed, Boia De, and The Surf Club. The ultimate culinary experience in Miami is a small and intimate Japanese restaurant called NAOE. Best venue for a full afternoon/evening out is clearly Faena.

Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile, portrait
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