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Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile

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Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile is a leading patron of the arts, mathematician, economist, and investor. He is widely regarded as a key architect of the digital art ecosystem, and his collection “RF Collection” is recognized worldwide as the premiere digital art collection. Pablo was Beeple’s first collector and holds many significant and iconic works by leading digital artists such as Refik Anadol, Beeple, Pak, and Andres Reisinger among others. He also collects traditional blue-chip art, including work by Elizabeth Peyton. Pablo is an expert in tokenomics, incentive systems, and early-stage markets. He is also one of the largest global virtual landowners across the different projects of the metaverse. For the past several years, he has been actively involved in the blockchain space as an early adopter, investor, and advisor to distinguished projects such as Algorand.

Prior to becoming a leader in the blockchain and digital art space, Pablo earned a mathematics and economics degree from Columbia University, where he returned to earn his MBA after serving several roles in finance including private banking, hedge funds, and private equity.

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