Antony Gormley’s sculpture takes over Piazza del Duomo, Prato

December 23, 2020

Comune di Prato and Fondazione per le Arti Contemporanee in Toscana, through Centro Pecci, together with Associazione Culturale Arte Continua inaugurated “Shy” by Antony Gormley on 19 December 2020 in Piazza Duomo in Prato. The work will be exhibited to the public for six months.  

Using a simple architectonic structure, the sculpture evokes shyness in its own exposure. Made of 3600 kg of cast iron “SHY” brings the materials and methods of the industrial revolution to an ancient Piazza. The artist uses scale to activate space and invite those who share  the common ground with it to become aware of their own moving position in space and time. The artist wishes to reanimate the potential for art in the collective realm to celebrate daily life. 

In the artists words:
“I want to make something that is confident in its presence as a landmark but that on examination connects with our inner selves and engages with those more tentative and quiet human emotions such as tenderness and vulnerability”.

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