Codalunga: a 24hours performance by Nico Vascellari

May 6, 2020

From May 2nd 8pm to May 3rd 8pm, 2020 Nico Vascellari shared a 24hours performance on Codalunga’s Instagram account and his initiative was reached by over 3,000 subscribers on the new CODALUNGA YouTube platform. The new experimental platform, faithful to the original spirit of Codalunga, commissions contents, works and audio visual interventions to various artists on the international scene, implementing specific forms of support for artistic production and its sharing.

In the days preceding DOOU and until the end of the 24 hours of the live broadcast, editions of the artist will be available in the shop section of the Codalunga website, the proceeds of which will be entirely used to produce the second event that Codalunga will commission the next artist. The third event will in turn be financed in the same way, and so will the subsequent ones, in the belief that a new system is not only possible but also necessary.

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