Nico Vascellari

Born in Vittorio Veneto, 1976 and lives in Vittorio Veneto

Nico Vascellari was born in Vittorio Veneto (TV) in 1976. He is an Italian artist and musician. He communicates mainly through the performance, the video and the installation, that he considers the most effective tools to express a language of possibility, of constant change and regeneration.
These three creation fields are also able to enhance most of the components characterizing his artistic research, like the study of the movement and of the sound that are crucial in his art.
Vascellari combines in his artwork the moving physical presence and the referential conceptual contents. The sound and sound suggestion are at the origin of his way of making art. He conceives the sound as a symbolic experience that expresses a scathing and intimate instinct to act, to the gesture, to the dynamic and active behaviour. The noise, hardcore and punk sound is a point of reference in Vascellari’s background and is present in all the artist’s appearances. A sound which is very much alive in the performances, that are affected by the active presence of the audience and by Vascellari’s experiences as a musician; a digital sound which, when it is represented through video artworks, becomes constant distortion, dissonance.
Vascellari’s artworks and performances have been exhibited and staged in some of the most important art venues in Italy and abroad such as the Venice Biennial, the Palace of Exhibitions and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (MACRO), the Museoin in Bozen, the MAMBo in Bologna, the Monitor Gallery in Rome the Tent in Rotterdam, the Los Angeles Crisp Gallery in London, Marina Abramovic Institute West in San Francisco, Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America at Columbia University in New York. His various accolades include the Premio Acacia (2010), the Prize for Young Italian Art created by DARC and MAXXI-Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo (2006-2007), the New York Prize promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Columbia University in New York (2006) and the International Prize of Performance (Dro, TN) (2005).

A collective exhibition dedicated to artists who have drawn inspiration for their work from perfume and the sense of smell.
21 Apr 2022 - 11 Sep 2022
Palazzo Mocenigo
Nico Vascellari: Case Chiuse #3 by Paola Clerico
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04 Apr 2016 - 14 Apr 2016
Casa Bonacossa
Par tibi, Roma, nihil
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23 Jun 2016 - 18 Sep 2016
Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill
Nico Vascellari: Revenge
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08 Jun 2018 - 02 Sep 2018
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Bugada & Cargnel
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