Francesco Vezzoli to present “Palcoscenici Archeologici” at Parco Archeologico, Brescia

May 27, 2021

Fondazione Brescia Musei presents “Palcoscenici Archeologici“, a curatorial intervention by Francesco Vezzoli, an unpublished site-specific exhibition project that is part of the project line of exhibitions conceived by the foundation, chaired by Francesca Bazoli and directed by Stefano Karadjov, to combine its great historical and archaeological heritage with the most interesting voices of contemporary art.

The curatorial interventions of Francesco Vezzoli find their way through Brixia. Archaeological Park of Brescia Romana, where the Vittoria Alata is located, and continue in the Republican Sanctuary, in the terrace of the Capitolium, in the first and second cell, but also in the Roman Theater, and then move on to the museum complex of Santa Giulia, more precisely in the chapel of Sant’Obizio of the Basilica of San Salvatore, in the Domus dell’Ortaglia and along the Roman section of the museum. The exhibition – curated by Filippo Bisagni – includes  a recent sculpture by Vezzoli which will thus enter into dialogue with the main Roman and Lombard remains of the city. An exhibition itinerary that will physically take the visitors through almost a thousand years of history of art and architecture in chronological order.

Palcoscenici Archeologici. Interventi curatoriali di Francesco Vezzoli
11 June 2021 – 9 January 2022
Parco Archeologico e Museo di Santa Giulia
Via dei Musei, Brescia

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