The Marc Quinn sculpture of a Black Lives Matter activist was erected then removed in 24hrs

A sculpture of Black Lives Matter protester Jen Reid by artist Marc Quinn appeared on the plinth previously occupied by the statue of slave trader Edward Colston, early on Wednesday in Bristol city centre.

Ms Reid was photographed by her husband standing with her fist raised on the empty plinth after the Colston statue came down during the Black Lives Matter protest on June 7. Having seen the image Marc Quinn contacted Ms Reid through social media and they worked together on the black resin statue ‘A Surge of Power’, which is meant to be a temporary installation to continue the conversation about racism.

The sculpture was taken down after 24 hours by the council, the mayor of Bristol, described the statue of a black woman making the black power salute as the “work and decision of a London-based artist” who did not have the permission or support of the people of the city.

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