The White Night of the Art Galleries in Romania

Words by My Art Guides Editorial Team
September 23, 2016

The White Night of the Art Galleries – NAG presents the latest Romanian and international contemporary art trends in Bucharest and, for the first time, in nine other cities across the country – Arad, Baia Mare, Brașov, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Craiova, Sibiu, Târgu Mureș and Timișoara. More than 150 art galleries, alternative spaces, creative hubs and artists’ studios will open for one night to offer the audience a diverse and dynamic programme.

“We would like to create a communication and collaboration platform between cultural centres in the country to raise attention regarding the importance of supporting the Romanian contemporary culture. The presence of foreign experts is another opportunity to create new relationships between the local and international art scene. Therefore, NAG is not just a white night. NAG aims to create the map of the contemporary culture of the cities where it is held which we hope will include other cultural centres in the future”. Suzana Dan, initiator of the White Night of the Art Galleries project.

The opening of the exhibition “No Man’s Land” showcases ten curatorial discourses on Romanian contemporary art which will mark the start of NAG#10 in Bucharest, on September 30th, 7pm, at Scena9 Residence.

The project, produced by Ephemair Association in partnership with guest curators and artists from the above mentioned cities, consists in the presence in the same territory of ten different exhibitions, generating through their random display both conflict and harmony in the discourses proposed by the curators invited to highlight the cultural profile of NAG 2016 participant cities.

“No Man’s Land”, focus exhibitions:

Arad: The Arad Renaissance with Giotto Doichiță, Cosmin Moldovan, Sorin Neamțu, Laurian Popa, Anca Sabău, Adrian Sandu, Anamaria Șerban, Dana Serghiuță and curated by Călin Dan.

Baia Mare: 120 Years of Art in Baia Mare with Vasile Kazar, Paul Erdos, Friedrich Walter, Vida Gheza, Mircea Suciu, Bogdan Raţă, Laura Ghinea and curated by Cosmin Năsui.

Brașov: Pawnage (To Ditch) with Alina Andrei, George Roșu  and curated by George Roșu.

Bucharest: Our History about the Others. A City seen through Four Lenses with Nicolae Comănescu, Mihail Coșulețu, Aurora Kiraly, Alexandru Rădvan and curated by Simona Vilău.

Cluj-Napoca: The Dark Cabinet with Cristian Rusu and curated by Horea Avram

Craiova: Mihail Trifan / Artist: Mihail Trifan / Curator: Adrian Bojenoiu

Iași: Non Fictions with Dan Acostioaei, Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu, Matei Bejenaru / Curators: Cătălin
Gheorghe & Cristian Nae

Sibiu: N Stru Land with Dan Raul Pintea, Casandra Vidrighin (NOSTRU) and curated by Dan Raul Pintea

Târgu Mureș: Couleur Locale 3 with Márta Adorjáni, Dénes Miklósi (Cluj), Attila Kispál, Ágnes Evelin Kispál, Ferenc Wanek (Sfântu Gheorghe), József Bartha, Larisa David, Zsolt Fekete, Monotremu, Cristi Pogăcean (Târgu
Mureș) and curated by Laura Borotea & József Bartha

Timișoara: Hidden Agenda withSorin Oncu & Cosmin Haiaş, Renee Renard, Ciprian Chirileanu, Nicolae Velciov, Liliana Mercioiu Popa, Livia Mateiaş, Bogdan Tomşa, Petrică Ştefan, Aura Bălănescu, Gabriel Tellman, Marius Jurca (all members of Avantpost group) and curated by Cosmin Haiaș.

Arad, Baia Mare, Brașov, București, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Craiova, Sibiu, Târgu Mureș, Timișoara.

Opening date:
Friday, September 30th from 7pm to Saturday, October 1st, 2016 at 4am.


What to see in town this weekend:

AES+F: Inverso Mundus, Mobius Gallery

Give Concrete a Try, ODD

Iulia Toma: Dura-Europos, Ivan Gallery

Signal: Invisibility Transmitted, Anca Poterașu Gallery

Teodor Graur: Nature – Culture / Star & Grey (Made in Romania), Nicodim Gallery

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