Salvatore Arancio

Born in Catania, 1974 and lives in London, UK

His artistic signature is photo-etching, but he works across a range of media such as sculpture, collage, animation and video. Arancio’s main interest lies in the potential of images. Departing from their literal meaning, he creates new juxtapositions that are both beautifully evocative and deeply disquieting. He looks to nature and science for his sources of inspiration, while unsettling any hint of the sublime by re-framing the images and the viewer’s experience. His constructed landscapes contain a sense of both the familiar and the unknown that enhances their symbolic readings and implications

Salvatore Arancio: Oh Mexico!
Wherever you send Salvatore Arancio (b. 1974 Catania, lives and works in London), he will uncover strange...
08 May 2016 - 17 Jul 2016
Salvatore Arancio: The Water They Dwell In
Quartz Studio presents the exhibition “The Water They Dwell In”, the first solo exhibition...
12 May 2016 - 16 Jul 2016
Quartz Studio
Salvatore Arancio: And These Crystals Are Just like Globes of Light
For his third exhibition at the gallery, the artist realized a series of sculptures which have been...
19 May 2017 - 15 Jul 2017
Schiavo Zoppelli
Surreal Science: Loudon Collection with Salvatore Arancio
During his life, the collector George Loudon was fascinated by scientific objects and reunited an...
25 Aug 2018 - 06 Jan 2019
Whitechapel Gallery
Open to Art. Ceramic Award
The exhibition includes the works of the finalists to the third edition of “Open to Art”,...
13 Feb 2019 - 18 Apr 2019
Officine Saffi
The group exhibition “”, at Federica Schiavo Gallery, Milan, gathers artists who...
21 Mar 2019 - 11 May 2019
Schiavo Zoppelli
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