Bradford Mark

Born in Los Angeles, 1961 and lives in Los Angeles

Bradford was born and raised in South Los Angeles. He later attended Crescent Heights Elementary School. His mother Janice owned a beauty salon in Leimert Park. Bradford and his family moved to a then largely white neighborhood in Santa Monica when he was 11, but his mother still maintained her business in the old neighborhood where he also worked for a while. When he got out of high school, he got his hairdresser’s license and went to work at his mother’s salon.
Bradford began his studies at the California Institute of the Arts in 1991 at the age of 30. He earned a BFA in 1995 and an MFA in 1997.
Bradford is known for grid-like abstract paintings combining collage with paints. His collage Orbit (2007), contains a magazine image of a basketball placed at the heart of a dense lattice of black LA streets. Created by the additive and subtractive processes of collage and décollage, as well as with paint, Orbit appears like aerial views of contorting, mutating, and decaying city whose tiny, intricate street grids can no longer maintain their structural integrity against unknown epic forces. Bradford’s improvisational command of these large areas is also able to suggest the formidable energies of mass consumption and, perhaps more important, its counterpart, the mass generation of trash.

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